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We've updated our Tuscarawas Valley Ohio Business Directory to offer much more information about the businesses within! QR-Codes for smart-phones, videos, photo galleries, social media links, and business reviews! If you find any problems with our directory listings, please consider a "review" and update us!

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Welcome to Tuscarawas Valley, Ohio

Tecumseh Indian chief

Tuscarawas Valley Ohio Communities Directory welcomes you! We have developed our site with a focus on the rich American history of the entire Tuscarawas Valley Ohio region. Chances are,  the infomation we provide is more accurate and detailed than the printed Yellow Pages telephone book or any on-line resource!



Historical Information Wanted!

old tuscarawas county mapWe welcome any articles, old photographs or historical resources related to Tuscarawas county, Ohio, that we may archive the rich American history of the Tuscarawas Valley, Ohio region!

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Why choose Tusky Valley?

Tuscarawas Valley offers great opportunities of people to see, places to go, and things to do around Tuscarawas county, Ohio! A few notible things include: Amish country Ohio starts here, several National Historic Registry sites, whitetail deer and wild turky hunting is often ranked the best in Ohio, Tuscarawas river recreation, and so much more...

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Kent State University Tuscarawas Campus

State University Tuscarawas County Ohio

Kent State University Tuscarawas Campus, located at 330 University Drive, NE, New Philadelphia, offers 17 associate degrees and 10 bachelor's degrees.


Economic Development and Financial Alliance of Tuscarawas County

Tuscarawas County Economic Development & Finance Alliance

Economic Development and Financial Alliance of Tuscarawas County (formerly the Port Authority) has the tools to start, grow or relocate a business in Tuscarawas county, Ohio!


Tuscarawas Convention & Visitors Bureau

Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors BureauThe Tuscarawas County Convention and Visitors Bureau provides much valuable information about Tuscarawas county, Ohio and the Tusky Valley region for visitors on all occasions!



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